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Why do we ask for donations?

We are a registered non-profit organization. All of our officers are completely volunteer, however, we do have some expenses such as maintaining this website and our PO Box. Every penny that is donated goes directly to the grove account. Any expenses that exceed what is in the grove's bank account come directly out of our personal pockets.

So what does all this mean?

Silver Branch Golden Horn (SBGH) was Colorado's first local branch of the ADF. SBGH celebrates the traditional eight high days that other Pagans celebrate, but unlike some other groups, we concentrate our focus on the Celtic and Norse pantheons (or sets of deities and traditions).

We strive to make our rituals meaningful for all members of the greater pagan community, as well as those just taking their first steps on the pagan path. So whether you have a little or a lot of knowledge about the Celtic or Norse Myths, Gods, Goddess, or traditions, you're welcome to our open rituals.


What makes SBGH and the ADF different from other pagan organizations?

ADF is a religion more of orthopraxy, or "correct action", rather than orthodoxy, or "right belief". ADF will never tell you what or how you should believe, think, or feel. Instead, ADF rites follow a general set of guidelines known as the Core Order of Ritual (COoR). The COoR is derived from many ancient Indo-European practices and is designed to please the Gods and Goddess, and help the participants know what is going on and why. So if one attends an ADF rite, they can expect the next rite to display at least some basic similarities. This enhances the familiarity of ritual so one may quickly learn what happens when and not be lost.


ADF and its Groves are committed to providing open and public rituals for any Neopagan who wishes to join us for rites. ADF Groves will always focus on one or more Indo-European cultures. At Silver Branch Golden Horn we focus on the Celtic and Norse cultures, but our membership includes practitioners of other pagan traditions including, among others, Wiccans and Kemetics.


How does the ADF style ritual differ from other Pagan groups?


1) We don't cast circle. Casting circle has its roots in ceremonial magic. Instead, we offer to our Gods and depend on them to protect our space.

2) While some groups honor the quarters, we honor the building blocks of the cosmos: the Fire of Sky, the Well of the Underworld, and the World Tree. In Druidic practice, it is believed these three Elements are the forces of creation and the building blocks of the universe.

3) At all SBGH rituals, we offer a time for the participants to give praise and offering to whatever Gods and/or Goddesses (or totem, ancestor, teacher, guide, muse, etc.) they choose. We do ask that no one "invoke" or "call down" deities in ritual.

4) After ritual here in Silver Branch Golden Horn, we have a "ritual feast," or potluck, so members and attendees may have a chance for fellowship, networking, and community. ADF, and Silver Branch Golden Horn in particular, wish to provide a place for the Neopagan community to gather and have fellowship with one another as well as to provide a place for scholarship and bardic presentation. At our feasts dancing, drumming, songs, and stories are welcomed and encouraged, as is healthy discussion and debate on the lives and beliefs of the ancient Pagan peoples from which we draw our inspiration.

5) Silver Branch Golden Horn will not condone or tolerate prejudice based on race, national origin, age, disability, religious beliefs (respectfully shared), size, or gender (including gender identity and expression).

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