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Membership Meeting Minutes

 ADF Silver Branch Golden Horn Membership Meeting Sunday June 8th, 2014

Date - 6/8/14 @ The Irish Snug
In attendance - Pink, Kevin, Andrea, Grey, Tony

A change was proposed in the bylaws, in Article 3 Membership 3, concerning returning members.
The phrase "within six months" is to be struck, and the replaced by the following conditions.
The returning member shall have attended three of the previous six rituals.
The returning member shall ask to re-join.
There will be a majority vote of full membership, subject to a possible veto by senior council.
The returning member, being voted back in, shall immediately pay dues, pro-rated for the current year.
Any concerns of seniority will only count time spent as a member in good standing.

The bylaws being amended, a vote was made to re-instate Jorja, and passed.

Our treasurer reports that our coffers currently contain $1392.43
The Grove will be taking over the cost of the website.
It was also voted, that the treasurer shall begin to set aside funds for both possible future building projects, and donations to Gateway. Twice per year, at Imbolc and at Lughnassad, 10% of any funds above $1000 shall be placed into each fund respectively. 

The above mentioned fund is intended to be seed monies for a land project to give the Grove a permanent home on Grove owned property. Related to creating this vision, it was suggested that all members could assist in the following - looking for potential land, looking for banks that are interested in extending loans to Pagan groups, researching zoning rules. 

Our Yule rite in now assigned to Andrea, with help from Pink. There is still discussion of holding that rite inside and making it a "suggested donation" rite.

We may be once again having an auction in the fall to raise funds for the Grove and Gateway. Please let me know if you have items, skills, or ideas about that.

We will be doing a trash pick-up on Saturday July 12th, 10am at Ruby Hill. Do we think this is an event to be shared with the public?

Also, if you have typed versions of past rituals please send them to me to be posted on our website as a resource for members and guests.


ADF Silver Branch Golden Horn Membership Meeting Saturday March 8th, 2014

Atendance - Pamela, Andrea, Rowan, Tony, Gray, Gwernin, Pink
As many of our members saw, a lovely new logo is in the works made by Rowan. This will be a new logo for our signs, website, cards etc.

We are working on outreach and branding via the internet, we will be reconsidering and editing our introductory statements on both facebook and website to better reflect ADF core principles. We are working to make facebook a better tool for outreach. ( As an aside, I remain unable to join the yahoo group colopagans, I would love a member who is a part of that group to be sure that word gets out about our rites in that group.)

We are continuing to work on a second cookbook. It is "ancestors" themed, and we would love to have family recipes and anecdotes contributed from around the community to try and make that happen! The idea of producing Pagan holiday and greeting cards we placed forth as a fundraising opportunity. Pink is looking into the outlay cost, and all our artistic members have discussed contributing works. 

As our finances have become much more stable there were two ideas put forth regarding the use of funds. It has been suggested that, once yearly, if our finances are above $1000 we make a donation of %10 to Gateway. It has also been suggested that we have one ritual per year (likely Yule) at an inside location and include silent auction, or other fundraising to cover the cost. 

We have discussed having a Mead Making workshop for members and friends, we will be setting a date later. Also, Rowan is starting a DP study group, please let her know if you are interested and what days are best for you.


ADF Silver Branch Golden Horn Membership Meeting Saturday December 14th, 2013 

In attendance - Pamela, Pink, Gwernin, Rowan, Andrea, Gray, Kevin. 

 We are continuing to develop our website as both an outreach and a resource, thus we will be adding a ritual archive, and would like everyone to submit past rituals for posting. (The system for submission is under construction, so in the mean time you may e-mail them to me.) We will also be creating a list of 'Human Resources' so that ritual planners may access the full breadth of knowledge our membership has to offer. Pamela will be contacting officiants a few weeks in advance of each ritual to ensure that planning is coming apace and to recommend members who may be able to help with different roles. Please remember to discuss things such as music, borrowed and grove equipment, seers, etc. with the appropriate party well in advance of your ritual.

We will continue with outreach, using all media available to inform people of upcoming rituals. We need help posting in pagan stores, coffee shops, community boards etc. around the metro area. Pink will attempt to create a small flyer for each ritual, all members are welcome to create there own if they so wish.

We are planning to take part in two upcoming events - a Paths Fair on January 18th, and the Colorado Welsh Society's St Dwydians (sp?) Day on January 25th. Additionally we are considering doing rituals/outreach at some summer festivals this year, such as Beltania, Dragon Fest, and any of the various Celtic festivals in the Front Range. If anyone has any good contacts with festival organizers please put them in contact with us!

Our Treasury is currently in good standing with $1048.00.

We voted to amend our bylaws concerning the amount of time which one must be absent to revoke membership. In Article 3, #7 the phrase '3 months' has been changed to '3 rituals'. 

Rowan is working to create an updated logo, and will apply said changes to our signs at some point.

Issue was raised for consideration - Shall the Executive Council vote on issues without consulting general membership? The question shall be considered and was tabled for further discussion in a future meeting. 


ADF Silver Branch Golden Horn Membership Meeting Saturday September 18, 2013

Firstly, we all are looking forward to our new space at Ruby Hill, and expect it to be a pleasant upgrade. Pamela has a friend with a propane heater to borrow for the colder months, and Gwernin offered to bring a tent with sides. We will also have grills and fire pits available as needed for any chilly winter rituals. This weekend's Harvest Home however will likely have lovely weather, and we will be grilling meats and veggies.

It has been proposed that we purchase an outdoor storage box or shed like item to be kept at Pamela's house, for storing Grove supplies. This will free up Tony's shed for Tony's use, and will make it easier for Pamela to cart supplies to and from rituals. We will need to arrange a work day for cleaning, organizing, inventorying and moving goods from Tony's to Pamela's. This would be a good chance for any Grove items that have wandered to be reunited with their buddies. 

Pamela will be starting an open Google Docs file in which old rituals and similar documents can be stored. This will be a great resource for newer and younger members to review when writing and planning rituals. In this thread, do not neglect to use the human resources we have! Several of our members have completed ADF programs of various sorts and can be consulted to assist with rite planning. It is also suggested that Rite Officiants contact the Bard in advance of the ritual to arrange appropriate music.

Pagan Pride Day will be October 12th. The Grove will have a table, please coordinate with Pamela if you would like to help in the booth. 

We are considering three people for membership - Andrea Putnam, Greg Harris, and James. Unless there are any serious objections, we would like to make offers at the next ritual they attend.

Finally, Here is the ritual list for the next year.
Yule - 12/21/13 - Gwernin
Imbolc - 2/1/14 - Tony
Eoster - 3/22 - Gwernin
Beltane - 5/3 - Kevin
Midsummer - 6/21 - Gray
Lughnasadh - 8/2 - Gwernin
Harvest Home - 9/20 - Rowen
Samhain - 11/1 - Pamela
Yule - 12/20 - Pink

ADF Silver Branch Golden Horn Membership Meeting Saturday July 7, 2012


In Attendance: Tony F. (Senior Druid), William A., Rowen G., Gwernin G., Pink P. and Pamela M. (Scribe).

Missing: John O., Cynthia Ann K., Randy H., Amber H. and Scott G.


Discussion of Proposed Members: Kevin J., Scott S. and Andrew A. will be offered grove membership upon verification of ADF membership.


Discussion of Grove Preceptor: Gwernin offered to act as preceptor. John O. is currently acting as both purse warden and preceptor. Elections will be held in November, at the annual meeting. In the meantime, ritual officiates for each Sabbat will be responsible for gathering necessary tools, and setting up their own altars and space.


Discussion of possible ritual workshop: tabled until annual meeting.


Discussion of Witches’ Ball ritual and participant gift: William will edit his part and return to Tony by 7/10/2012. Gwernin agreed to act as Sacrificer. Rowen has swords that can be used in play. Gwernin, Tony, Pink, Rowen and Pamela will gather at Pamela’s house of 8/18/2012 at 2 pm to create oghams to be given to participants during the ritual. Pamela will buy small wooden disks and bags to be used.

Short discussion of lighting for the play. Pink may have light fixtures that can be used. Scott G. will be asked to perform lighting duties during the ritual.

Short discussion of costuming. Pink will be looking at possible patterns and materials.


Discussion of fundraising: Pink sold some necklaces at SpiritWays – part of the proceeds go to the Grove. No Grove table at Witches’ Ball. There will be a Grove table at Denver Pagan Pride Day festivities.

Pink will conduct online auction via Facebook to raise funds for the Grove. Items will be donated by Grove members. Auction will be conducted October 1 through October 31.

Cookbook to be reprinted for Denver PPD (which will be held Saturday October 20 from 11 am to 4 pm in Civic Center Park (location pending approval).


Annual meeting: Saturday November 10, 2012 at 2 pm at a brewery TBD.

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