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About Silver Branch Golden Horn

About Silver Branch Golden Horn

  1. How long has SBGH been around?

    The founding members of SBGH (Tony, Jorja, and John) have been ritually working together for about five years now. Our first public ADF style ritual was Eoster of 2009, and our first ritual as a protogrove of ADF was Beltain of 2009.

    We received out Provisional Grove status around Beltain of 2010.

  2. Are you Reconstructionist?


    SBGH strives to walk a middle road between strict unbending adherence to what was done, and new age practice. Our goal is to please The Powers with our ritual but still have ritual be moving and enjoyable to those who are attending.

    We try to blend spirit and intent of these ancient ways with more modern sensibilities. For example if we were to do things exactly the way ancient Celts did them we own slaves, but as modern people we know that slavery is an abomination. Not all of the old ways are better.

  3. Oh, so your Wiccans


    Wicca is part of the Pagan spectrum the same as Reconstructionist is, but these are not the same as Druidry.

    Wicca was a tradition founded by Gerald Gardener in the 1930ish. These traditions where transformed by different practitioners different traditions. For the most part Wicca is based on the ideas of duality (i.e. the Lord and Lady or the God and Goddess). Many followers of Wicca also are follow an archetypal theory of Deity where all Sun gods are essentially the same, all Earth Goddess are essentially the same etc.

    At Silver Branch Golden Horn we believe that all Gods and Goddess are their own being, and much like us they have their own personality, likes, and dislikes.

    We also don't force duality, our rituals may have just a matron, or just a patron, or one of each. We follow the myth and lore, along with scholarly evidence to see what times of the year or high days where associated with certain deity.

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