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Eoster Blessings!

Posted by Pinkilicious on March 21, 2013 at 2:25 PM

Yesterday marked the Spring Equinox, when night and day are equal and the sun cuts a path neatly from east to wast. Spring is here! (Tell that to this weekends expected snowstorm...)



For the ancient Germanic tribes this was a time to celebrate! They venerated the Goddess Eoster (The Celts had Ostara), who represented dawn and rebirth. 


The symbols of modern Easter of course date back to this time. Bunnies, who symbolize fecundity (Bow-Chicka-Wah-Wah...) and of course are emerging from their burrows in the Spring. Eggs are mystic magic things that hold new life too (in addition to being tasty). The tradition of decorating and playing games with eggs seems to pre-date written records in much of Northern Europe. 




 Of course for our ancestors it was also a hopeful time. Their animals could return to greening pastures. Most farm animals give birth in the spring as well, and this represented growing wealth and prosperity. Early vegetables were emerging, and if you've spent a few months eating nothing but salted meat, turnips, and grains, a sprig of fresh dandelion or sorrel looks like heaven. In a time when starvation was a real and immediate concern, even for the relatively wealthy, Spring was a great relief. 



May all of you enjoy the fertility and plenty of the new season! What are you doing to celebrate Spring?



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