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From the desk of the Senior Druid

Posted by Jorja on February 3, 2012 at 2:40 PM

Okay so I am starting a something new; since so many people have told me how hard it is to get together with me because of my crazy schedule I thought I would do a blog, where I talk about the grove, paganism, just general Tony stuff! So here it is for the first time: From the desk of the Senior Druid.

*************************LOOK AT THIS IT HAS CHANGED *****************************************

1) Imbolc Ritual: well it is winter in the Rockies so there should be no surprise that this year we are having 12-18 inches of snow. As of right now we are moving the Imbolc ritual to next wee 2/11/12 see the calander for the informion. But since it is good luck to have snow on Imbolc so I guess we have all been really, really. REALLY blessed.

2) What does Imbolc mean to me? At this time of the year it makes you wonder how did our ancestors and our forefathers survive? This is the end of winter, the stores are running low and quarters are getting close. Imagine it you’ve been trapped inside for a good 3 months with the same people day after day, you’re getting lean and hungry from lack of fresh food, everyone stinks because there is no way to bathe or wash your clothes. It was probably so miserable that it makes you wonder why there are people to this day. What keep our ancestors from wiping each other out? Imbolc is the reason, this is the time of year when the ewes lactate, food stores could be supplemented, it gave humanity (at least those at the right latitude) hope that soon spring would return. While spring meant more work it also meant more freedom. Freedom to eat fresh foods and lots of it, freedom to roam, and freedom to wash off the stank.

Back then, and today, all good farmers know that you want as much snow on Imbolc as you can get, because when March and April comes that snow will melt and provide the water that the newly awakened plants, and soon to be sown crops, need to thrive.

Also as a follower of Bride I like to reflect on her at this time of year. It seems to me that Bride is a goddess of civilization (healing, smith craft and the bardic arts form the pillars of all societies). At this time I like to think of ways that I can contribute more to civilization and my community: family, friends, my grove. I search out new way to connect and feel myself slowly stirring in anticipation of the coming spring.

3) On general Tony topics, I am so proud of Jorja she has been asked to appear on podcast on 2/7 at 7:00 (you can watch it live or of course watch it another time) here is the information on that:

From Jorja’s facebook posting:

The one and only Jackie Weller has graciously invited me join the live podcast on

Just in time for Valentine’s Day and Lupercalia this week discussions will be about sacred sexuality (what it is and how to get there) We will ask talk about non-traditional relationships; love and life beyond monogamy where we'll discuss swinging, Polyamory, and open marriages.

So grab your special friend, pull up a PC (or a mac) and have a listen as we learn, laugh about and overcome the myths and mayhem (the perfection and the pitfalls) of sacred sexuality and life beyond monogamy.

Just go to the following website and enjoy!

4) If you want to sign up to for the planning committee for the Best Bard in Denver then talk to Jorja she will have some stuff set up for it in the next couple of weeks.


Tony Fleming

Senior Druid

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Reply Wm. 'Conal' Ashton
9:24 AM on February 23, 2012 
Have you considered cross-posting the existence of this blog in the Google Group? Since we haven't got one unified way of communicating, this would be a good strategy, and avoid the "I didn't even know about it..." lines that would arise from the group.

May things continue to be well with you... Blessings